Old & Young – HK Quarry Bay

CHF 150CHF 5'500

Memory: A4 LTD 2500ex CHF 150.-
Classic: A3 LTD 1000ex CHF 250.-
Grand Format: 50×70 LTD 500ex CHF 500.-
Selection: 70×100 LTD 250ex CHF 750.-
Gallery: 100×150 LTD 100ex CHF 1500.-
Collector: 120×180 LTD 10ex CHF 3000.-
Masterpiece: 200×300 LTD 3ex CHF 5500.-

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Old&Young – HK QuarryBay

A truly enchanting vision in the middle of these antiquated Quarry Bay
superstructures; an epitome of the metamorphosis of the city.

Un Ange au milieu de ces vieux buildings de Quarry bay, reflet d’une ville en pleine transformation.